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Loan Insurance: Use and how to get it.


The serious crisis that, in our day, is going through the world economic panorama, is pouring also into the everyday life of ordinary citizens. It is quite common, for example, that some people are temporarily unable to pay one or more installments of a loan previously requested. In these cases you can turn to certain credit institutions that implement precautionary strategies to stem the temporary default of these debtors. A good, easy and advantageous offer is offered in the Pointer Loan Security insurance package.

Pointer Loan Security Insurance: what it is and its characteristics

Compass Creditor Pretection Insurance: what it is and its characteristics

Pointer Loan Security insurance guarantees a form of protection for the insured in the event of unforeseen events or unexpected problems that may occur during the term of the loan. The insurance package is reserved exclusively for customers who at the time of signing are found to be private employees with a permanent employment contract.

A very important aspect is given by the presence of a new guarantee that protects against the involuntary loss of employment . This guarantee begins on the condition that the applicant has matured, at the date of joining the Insurance Program, a length of at least twelve months without interruption at the same employer, or at the achievement of this condition during the period of validity of the Contract.

The Creditor Protection insurance product is available in two versions:

  • Standard package which provides coverage in the following cases: death valid for any cause, total permanent disability due to accident or illness, serious illness.
  • Plus package that covers all the conditions in the standard package, including the case of hospitalization.

The insured customer, if there are more than one person present in the loan agreement, is only the one who signed the insurance program application form. The insurance coverage underwritten starts at midnight on the day of loan disbursement and remains in force for the entire duration of the loan repayment plan, established at the time the loan is subscribed. The coverage can have a maximum duration of 120 months, provided that the Award is paid in full. If the loan repayment plan is extended, where required and at the request of the Insured, the coverage is provided with reference to the new amortization plan, up to the maximum limit of 120 months.

We always remember that for any doubt or specific request, it is always advisable to read carefully the information sheets of the Standard Package and the Plus Package. Only in this way can doubts be clarified and problems that are difficult to solve to be avoided.

What to do in the event of a claim

What to do in the event of a claim

The documents to be submitted depend on the type of claim reported. To find out all the specific information and documents to be sent in the event of a single claim, simply contact the Customer Service. We underline that only complaints sent in written form are considered valid, provided that they are complete with all the information requested and the related necessary documents, listed in the Complaint Claim Form made available by the Insurance Company.