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What is the profile of people who ask for an urgent loan?


Well, that is the profile of people requesting a quick credit . A mystery that has been unraveled by the loan company Good Lender and that from our comparator Good Finance we echo. Surely you are interested in continuing to delve into the subject, so do not take off from these lines because we promise juicy data and, after reading it, you will finally know in which segment you enroll.

Lack of liquidity with a online loan since despite having a fixed incomecash

The truth is that the adverse economic situation has made companies dedicated to this kind of business prosper in recent years and many citizens have been involved in specific moments to solve their lack of liquidity with a online loan since despite having a fixed income, they have run into the refusal of banks to lend them money.

65% of loans have been granted to men, while only 35% are women.


But we can refine more, because the profile corresponds to a 41-year-old male, salaried and resident in the Community of Madrid. To top it all, we can reveal exactly what amount you are requesting on loan, as they demand on average a loan of 214 euros to meet unforeseen expenses that cannot be paid with your payroll. A salary, by the way, which is around 1,310 euros. Yes, that is the average income of the applicants who, apparently, need a help to attend to emerging fronts.

Of course, Good Lender is not the only company dedicated to the business of urgent loans committed to x-ray the client of this kind of services, as also others, such as Baimo, delve into the matter and provide us with a very interesting study.

Thus, according to this firm, Spanish subsidiary of the German company Good Lender, the single men, based in large cities and over forty years old are the main recipients of this kind of credit.

The applicant is eminently distinguished by the following features:

  1. He is a male (in at least 51% of cases).
  2. Its age ranges between 30 and 40 years (52%).
  3. It has no offspring (58%).
  4. He lives in urban centers (47%).
  5. Performs a full-time job (62%).
  6. Their income is between 2,000 and 3,000 euros (21%).
  7. They usually ask for loans of less than 500 euros.

Receiving a fixed income either by reason of pension


In short, in both studies we find similar characteristics and coincide in many aspects. Of course, both show the difficulty of women in obtaining a loan, but in this case the answer must be found in the gender gap in employment rates, as they face greater problems when looking for work. Not surprisingly, receiving a fixed income either by reason of pension, collection of unemployment or, of course, due to a payroll is one of the requirements to obtain a loan of this nature.

In this sense, Spain is the second country in the European Union with the highest rates of female unemployment. To make matters worse, during the years of the crisis this percentage has increased and already reaches 23’93, the highest of the last five years. Thus, this labor injustice makes it difficult for them to obtain money, especially before conventional credit institutions. Of course, we are looking forward to saying goodbye to these employment data so adverse for women.

In addition, from all of the above it is striking that the main applicants are single and not families, although they do not escape the undeniable effects of the crisis. In this way, according to the study prepared by Good Lender, based on the civil status of the beneficiaries, we find 45% of single people, 35% of married, 15% of divorced and 4% of widowers. In this document we also discover a curious 1% of people who, despite living with their parents, opt for these loans.

But as we said, not only employees access these urgent credits . In fact, we also found a trace of pensioners in the study conducted by Good Lender who get this quick money. Thus, 10% of applicants have a retirement pension and 3% are receiving an unemployment benefit.

Let’s not forget

In this list of clients to the self-employed, a sector of the population that, although to a much lesser extent, also opts for urgent loans to solve situations of economic trouble with 3% of beneficiaries.

Regarding the geographical location, Madrid is the city with the most clients -10’20% -, while Barcelona is the second on the podium with 5’29. As for communities, the most demanding are Catalonia -22’1% -, Madrid -19’6% – and Andalusia with 12’9%. On the other hand, those that less resort to this kind of way to obtain a cyclical liquidity are Ceuta -0’1% – and La Rioja -0’4% -. Although in this analysis, the criteria of more populated communities should be taken into account, where it is obviously easier to find a greater number of plaintiffs.

It is undeniable that online loans have been consolidated as an interesting option to address various payment fronts by citizens that have been forced to seek alternatives to banks’ denials to their credit prayers.

Recall that this kind of loans is substantiated very quickly, even in just fifteen minutes, without the need for collateral and even in a completely online way. Thus, we choose the precise amount and set a deadline for its return.

In fact

It is very easy to choose the option that best suits us thanks to tools such as this comparator where we break down the characteristics of all loans, as well as their main attractions for the client.

Surely after reading it, it has become much clearer that all without exception we are in a position to obtain a loan of this nature and end our liquidity problems.