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NBC recently ordered a pilot to revive the cult TV series quantum leap. The show originally aired from 1989 to 1993 and follows the time-traveling adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula). The next pilot will be written and produced by La Brea showrunners Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt and will involve original quantum leap creators Donald P. Bellisario and Deborah Pratt.

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According to reports, the pilot will focus on a new team that “has been assembled to restart the project in hopes of understanding the mysteries behind the machine and the man who created it.” Little is known about the sequel series, which has fans on Reddit speculating what a reboot is. quantum leap might look like.


Sam takes over the role of observer

Quantum Leap - Sam and Al

In the original version quantum leap, Dean Stockwell portrayed Al Calavicci, the Project Watcher who “appears as a hologram that only Sam can see and hear”. Al was a Vietnam War veteran who served as Sam’s comic foil and link to the future. Sadly, Stockwell passed away in 2021 and will not be able to reprise his award-winning role in the sequel series.

Reddit user Omegaville instead suggests that the best way to fill the role would be for Sam to come home and become the replacement spotter to “supervise a new jumper.” This is a very popular suggestion among quantum leap fans because it would allow Scott Bakula to return to the show in a supporting role as a young jumper takes the show in new directions.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic

McConaughey Dallas Buyers Club

A new quantum leap The series will presumably travel back in time through the past few decades, including the 1980s, and one Reddit user would like to see an episode about “the 80s AIDS epidemic.” It was one of the most important events of the time and would be an important topic for the revived series to address.

quantum leap has always been a show that explored social issues and their effect on the lives of individuals. Blowing a protagonist into a person living with HIV in the 1980s would be a unique approach to exploring the paranoia surrounding the disease and the ostracism felt by those infected with it. Such an episode could potentially be part of a powerful tradition of films on the AIDS epidemic.

Return of the Evil Jumpers

In the show’s fifth season, the writers introduced the Evil Leapers to serve as permanent antagonists. Although Sam was able to thwart their evil plans over a three-episode arc, the Evil Leaper Project’s ultimate fate was left unresolved when the series ended its original run.

Reddit user pferreira1983 thinks the Evil Leaper story “should be expanded in the new series.” Occasional guest appearances from the Evil Leapers or their successors could be an interesting diversion from the standard jump-of-the-week formula, and would help address issues left open when the series ended abruptly.

International jumps

A tank crossing Tiananmen Square

More quantum leap the episodes were set in the United States, but since the show’s debut the world has become much more interconnected. Reddit user Ike1 thinks the new series has the opportunity to reflect those changes by jumping “beyond 20th century America into the 20th century world”. An increased focus on international jumps could open up the show to a plethora of new storylines.

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The fall of the Berlin Wall and the Tiananmen Square protests would both make for interesting settings in the new series. The show has proven that international jumps can work under the right circumstances, including as a soldier in the Vietnam War, and with a new range of dates available, the opportunity exists for fascinating jumps around the world.

Sammy Jo becomes the new jumper

Sammy Jo talks to Sam in Quantum Leap

Fans of the show know that Sam fathered a daughter with Abigail Fuller (Melora Hardin) during the fifth season “Trilogy” episodes. Like her time-traveling father, little Sammy Jo has a genius IQ and later worked on the Quantum Leap project. A Redditor wants to see Sammy Jo “attempting to jump back and find his father”.

Deborah Pratt, who created Sammy Jo, has fully embraced the idea of ​​reviving the character on several occasions. Sammy Jo would be in his 50s these days, so it might make sense to recast the same-aged Hardin, who is now famous for his role as Jan on Officeas her own daughter in the reboot.

Olympic Games

Sports-centric jumps had been a part of the original series since the pilot episode when Sam jumped into a baseball player. During the show, he also became a soccer player, professional wrestler, pool player, and track star. These episodes allowed the writers to tackle serious subject matter while injecting the humor of failing in a tough sport.

Reddit user Ihatetheroaring20s would be great “if he jumped at the Olympics.” A scenario set in the Olympic Village would be a fascinating exploration of the fusion of different cultures at the most exciting sporting event in the world. Such an episode could also have great comedic potential since the protagonist could jump on anyone from a swimmer to a figure skater.

The LA Riots

A group of people stuffing things on the trunk of a car

The New School Archivist, Reddit user, is interested in an episode about “Early 90s LA Riots” for the series sequel. The riots began in the spring of 1992 after several city police officers were acquitted of charges related to the beating of Rodney King. quantum leap has often succeeded in approaching social issues through the prism of historical events, especially those related to racial inequality.

In one of quantum leapBest episodes of “The Color of Truth”, Sam jumps on a black man in the isolated south to save his granddaughter’s life. This episode and several others dealing with race have aged so well in large part because they were written by Deborah Pratt, who is herself a woman of color. Pratt’s involvement in the new series could lead to a continued focus on racial issues.

More stories about the project

Quantum Leap - Al and Sam in Mirror Image

Viewers saw very little of Project Quantum Leap when the show first aired, as the show’s writers largely focused on Sam and his adventures in the past. Redditor irving47 “always wanted more PQL stuff,” including stories from project psychiatrist Dr. Verbena Beeks and, of course, Dr. Donna Eleese-Beckett, the wife Sam left behind.

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Fans of the series have always been intrigued by the inner workings of the project, including the “waiting room” where jumps were interrogated for information. More of these interrogation scenes could give viewers insight into not only the project, but also the lives of those temporarily displaced as part of the time travel experience.

90s grunge

In the original version quantum leap series, Sam Beckett never jumped into the 1990s (unless you count “The Leap Back”), but Reddit user Regal-Beagal-131 suggests that the late 20th century “would be a great time for the stories. It’s not hard to imagine a new time-traveling jumper back to the decade that popularized grunge music.

A jump to Seattle in the early 90s during the rise of the grunge music scene would be an unforgettable episode full of flannel, long hair and some of the best music of the decade. The story could conceivably focus on the drug abuse that was so prevalent in the grunge subculture during this time and the lives that were lost as a result.

Revisiting Sam’s Previous Jumps

final quantum leap sam beckett

Over the course of five seasons, Dr. Sam Beckett jumped into the lives of almost a hundred different people (and a chimpanzee), but he only jumped twice into the life of one person (Jimmy LaMotta). Reddit user Donrell hopes the new series will revisit Sam’s previous jumps more “to see the effects his travel time had on the people whose lives he changed.”

Several fan-favorite episodes are perfect for a return visit, but perhaps the most interesting jump to revisit would be the mysterious bar in the series finale “Mirror Image.” The latest episode of Quantum Leap left so many questions unanswered, and an appearance from Bruce McGill’s divine bartender would be a delight for fans of the original series.

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