100, 75, 50 and 25 Years Ago: 1996, Victoria Chamber of Commerce Hopes Popeye Party and Family Expo to Become Annual Event | Characteristics



OCT. 31 – Three automobiles laden with Victorians and a generous supply of food made the long road trip to Gonzales early Sunday morning in an attempt to visit Reverend FJ Ledwig, formerly of that town, who is now responsible for there St. James Parish. The following Victorians celebrated: Dr. and Mrs. Matt C. Cody, Mrs. FL Goldman, Mrs. WJ Porter, Miss Linda Goldman, Mrs. WE Cooke and Miss Annie Letts, and Messrs. Louis Keclik, AM McCabe, CQ Hollan and Eli Holcak.

NOV. 3 – Deer hunters report great success in their quest for the Elusive Males, as evidenced by the loot from the hunt they bring back. Tobe Adler, from the community of Adlerville, while hunting last Tuesday morning, saw a handsome buck and, with a well-directed shot, landed the big guy in Wilkerson Square at the bottom of the Guadalupe River. . The male was 12 points and weighed 136 pounds dressed.


NOV. 1 – A single call to the police recalled the days of yore, when goblins and ghosts were subject to pranks bordering on vandalism – it was a complaint, called from the 1100 block of North Jecker Street, saying “the boys shake a house “.

Construction on the new City Drug, which will be operated by Brett Baillio, has started at the corner of Moody Street and Stayton Avenue.

Victor Kolle and AH Wieland returned from a business and pleasure trip to Mexico, where they reported 1946 model cars and black pepper galore.

NOV. 4 – Daily gas production for the Victoria area increased by 155,000,000 feet over the past week when two large gas wells were completed in the Koontz field, 13 km south of Inez.

Cole Brothers’ steam calliope, which this season rolled out of its winter quarters for the first time in nearly 10 years, will give many young Victorians their first glimpse of that authentic, old-world circus flavor.


NOV. 2 – For nearly five minutes on Monday morning, a convicted killer and a suspect in two armed robberies, each weighing less than 150 pounds, struggled to free themselves from their cell tank on the second floor of Victoria County Jail. But on the other side of the fight was a former 245-pound wrestler. Victoria County jailer Bill Maufrais won the battle and the two men’s travel plans were canceled.

John Stockbauer, dean of Victoria City Council, resigned his post as mayor pro tempore on Monday and was replaced by Councilor Marion M. Lewis.

NOV. 5 – The sportsmen, adrenaline pumping just two days after the start of the 1971 duck hunting season, made their way to a Ducks Unlimited Victoria Chapter organizing meeting Thursday night and took to massively put the new group on top. Dr WB Milligan served as master of ceremonies.

Southern Pacific’s “Old No. 771”, which rests peacefully in Victoria Memorial Square, gets a makeover from the Victoria Jayceettes.


NOV. 1 – The Greater Victoria Area Chamber of Commerce hopes its Popeye Family Party and Show, scheduled for Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Victoria Community Center, will take hold and become an annual event. According to chamber representatives, the competition has potential – a potential that is driven by its uniqueness. “We were looking for something that was uniquely Victoria,” said Bob Martin, president of the chamber. “Popeye was born in one place – Victoria, Texas. Martin said the organization was looking to sponsor a family-focused competition, and since Popeye’s comic first appeared in The Victoria Advocate, it has become the focus. Popeye was created by Elzie Segar, and the first cartoon was published in the 88th anniversary edition of The Advocate in September 1934. Segar created a cartoon for the commendable edition of the newspaper.

NOV. 6 – A fire destroyed a house and outbuildings in the 2300 block of Benbow Road on Tuesday. Fire Chief Vance Riley said it looked like no one was home when the blaze started. There were no injuries, but Riley said ammunition stored in a shed near the house caused moments of tension. “There was certainly ammunition that exploded from the heat of the fire. It’s still a danger and a danger and you just need to get away from it as best you can until it is finished exploding and then start putting out the fire again, ”Riley said. Firefighters were investigating the cause of the fire Tuesday night and trying to locate the owner of the residence.

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