A woman’s moving tattoo in tribute to her late pit bull seen by 21 million people


A TikTok video explaining the emotional reason behind a woman’s tattoos has gone viral with over 21 million views and 4 million likes. In the video, user Anna can be seen displaying two small tattooed arrows, one in each ear, one pointing up and one pointing down.

The video then cuts to an image of an adorable white and brown pit bull with wobbly ears, one up and one down, as the meaning of the tattoos becomes clear.

“Because hers didn’t fit. And now a part of her is with me forever even though she’s gone. Love you forever Storm,” she said.

The caption reads “An ear in the air. Forever”, while in a comment, Anna explains: “Storm passed into my arms on October 12th after a hard battle with cancer. She was truly loved by all who met her.”

Stock image of a pit bull. A woman’s unique memorial to her late pit bull has gone viral on TikTok.
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The loss of a beloved pet, while inevitable, is always devastating and many people, like Anna, seek to find unique and personal ways to remember their animal companions.

If inking isn’t for you, Australian pet grief therapist Dr Vanessa Rohlf suggests many other ways to immortalize your pet and cope with the loss.

“Many people I’ve spoken to in my work,” Rohlf says on his website, “say they honor their pets by living the way they lived. It could be as simple as savoring the little things in life like a nap on the couch, in the sun, or stopping to smell the roses once in a while.”

Rohlf suggests sharing the news and not going through the loss of a pet alone. “Talk about your loss with friends, family, and other understanding pet owners. Sharing your thoughts and feelings about the loss, the importance of your bond, and the memories you have of it can all help. to face.”

If you didn’t do this while your pet was alive, why not “hire an artist to draw or paint a portrait”, or “dedicate a space in the house or yard…this may be a favorite spot where they slept or a piece of coat where you can place a picture, their ashes, candle or necklace”?

Why not donate to charity? “Donating to a charity or shelter in memory of your beloved pet can be a meaningful way to say goodbye and create a lasting legacy.”

User Lex said, “This is the most perfect tattoo I’ve ever seen.”

User Lorelei Bachman commented, “Sorry. I lost mine in August and it rivaled the worst pain of my life. Sending love. When it feels good, open your heart to another. “

User haley_parrot wrote: “I’m sorry for your loss. We also lost ours 7 months ago and the pain is still the same…”

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