Catholic Wins 16th Consecutive Rank Beating St. Amant | High school sports


While Catholic High’s offense presented a dazzling scoring spectacle, its defense looked like a brick wall against St. Amant.

Without particularity but effective.

Catholic (8-0, 3-0) showed the Gators (5-2, 1-2) Friday night at Memorial Stadium why the Bears are No. 1 in Louisiana. The team’s 53-7 victory marks their 16th straight win, the state’s longest streak today.

The game began with one of many passing touchdowns from Daniel Beale, Shelton Sampson’s first 66 yards. It didn’t take long for the Bears’ offense to start dismantling the Gators.

Sampson racked up 180 receiving yards and two scores, including a 56-yard acrobatic touchdown reception. After giving Tae Nicholas a 60-yard touchdown, St. Amant found himself in a 32-point hole at halftime.

On the other side of the ball, St. Amant couldn’t produce a lasting practice over the 50-yard line until the end of the third quarter. The Bears recorded an early first quarter interception by Brooks Wright and put constant pressure on St. Amant quarterback Cole Poirrier.

“I have to give the Catholic a lot of credit,” said St. Amant coach David Oliver. “They forced a lot of this stuff. They put pressure on us and created an environment under pressure.

The Bears ended the half by blocking a punt that deflected to the back of the end zone, resulting in a safety. The Catholics were leading 32-0 against the Gators at halftime.

“The thought process was to take them out of the running game and have them throw balls that they didn’t like to throw,” Catholic coach David Simoneaux said of his defense.

The second half was no different for both sides. Catholic started with a 52-yard catch by Prince Edwards and ended it with a 2-yard catch by Corey Singleton, his second of the night. On the next drive, Poirrier threw another pass into the arms of Bears defensive back Josh Wax.

Catholic followed the turnover with a 20-yard pass from Chase Gray to Daniel Harden. The Gators responded with their first runs on the final play of the third quarter, a 17-yard touchdown from Poirrier to Trace Forbes.

Catholic followed with another rushing score, this time a 36-yard run by Barry Remo.

“I think Chase came along and did a great job for us,” said Simoneaux. “He’s a guy who has waited his turn and has been such a great teammate.”

W’Juantaz Paul threw one final interception for the Gators with 6:06 left to Lee Amedee.

Beale recorded 251 yards on seven completed passes, and Poirrier pitched for 221 yards and two interceptions.

St. Amant will look to regroup against Dutchtown at home next week. Catholic will look to continue his streak against Woodlawn next week at Memorial Stadium.

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