CHEERS & JEERS: Homeless and inertia of the city council


CHEERS for Benton County’s own Rich Taylor, Lisa Borgerson, Jill Farrow and Leslie Hauser. These are the people who made up the team that coordinated several online plant sales that were made available for pickup during the Benton County Master Gardener Association fundraiser which earned them the title of Gardener of the ‘year. [Sort of like the House That Jack Built for the real world… but with plants… and tech.]

RIGUETTES to the litter bugs that left a litter pile between the Enchanted Forest and a small home community. The litter included household rubbish such as furniture, box springs and clothes, not to mention construction leftovers like steel beams and drywall. There were also asbestos laden floors, dead and broken tan blisters, and sports rubber flooring. The owner of the property was fined over $ 38,500 for operating an illegal landfill, but no fine for the broken souls of little children just hoping to be enchanted by the forest… too much?

CHEERS to have almost finished / finished / kaputski / finished with Mike Nearman’s embarrassing being linked to our county. It turns out he could [yes, only a might and yet we cheer] plead guilty … or maybe it’s a plea deal … anyway, we might finally be done! The conga celebration line begins at downtown McDonald’s traffic jam next Tuesday!

CHEERS for the Corvallis police get bank robbery suspect so quickly. Key bank on 9e St. had someone who walked in brandishing a knife and left with money that wasn’t strictly speaking… his own. CPD was on the spot, grabbing the suspect and giving him semi-permanent accommodation at the Benton County Jail.

CHEERS for the municipal council of Corvallis. No, they haven’t solved the homelessness problem. No, they did not prevent the detachment and sweeping of homeless people in town. They do admit their solution is not enough, then voted unanimously to find a way to store the belongings of the homeless. It’s a start, isn’t it?

EVEN MORE for council members Charles Maughan and Charlyn Ellis for standing up for the homeless and voting to stop the sweeps of homeless camps. It’s a shame they were outvoted by Councilors Napack, Lytle, Shepard, Chaplen, Shaffer and Struthers. [Ed Junkins must be swiping his forehead with his hand at his near miss of leaving before there was feces flying through mechanized cooling technology.]

And now, RIGUETTES to the municipal council of Corvallis. They will continue the sweeps – totally jeerworthy. They are unwillingly agree to accept the court decision of Martin vs. Boise who says unless you can offer someone an option other than being on the street then you have to leave them alone – despicable because they had no choice but to accept it . And then… THEN… they rejected the proposal to form a working group to work on housing the homeless… two steps forward and three steps back… yay team.

In other council news, annexation of 118 acres for housing construction was proceeding slowly. Some Lawyers wait with HOLDING HIS BREATH to see if this housing gets off the committee and becomes a reality before we all have to laugh at the grave.

CHEERS for Oregon State University return to the live theater. Granted, we have to wait until August 5th, but it will be so worth it to see the youngsters ride at Memorial Union Quad and perform. the bard’s own Comedy of errors. Things might return to a normal level which might actually seem … well, normal

RIGUETTES to that stupid rassin virus frassin goll durned ornery and the variants that are spreading everywhere. Firefighters on Bootleg Fire are tested positive. 539 other Oregonians have tested positive and one died. Spruce Point Memory Care Center came down with another wave in Florence. Benton County case count reaches 3,231 since last week. Could someone call the gods and tell them “uncle” already!

CHEERS for Idaho for being able to do something Oregon couldn’t. Jury found Ammon Bundy guilty. Despite the fact that he was only sentenced to three days in jail, 48 hours of community service, a $ 750 fine, and a good chat with the judge, they still beat us to get something. thing on Bundy’s file. RIGUETTES to the fact that Bundy is still running for governor. We wait with BAT BREATH to see if he wins.

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