Council rejects $340 million ‘overdevelopment’ proposal


Waverley council rejected a proposal for War Memorial Hospital. Photo: Unite.


Waverley Council continued its crusade against overdevelopment in the eastern suburbs, unanimously rejecting a proposal that would have changed planning controls for the Waverley War Memorial Hospital site.

Planning proposal for 99-117 Birrell Street, made at the request of aged care provider Uniting and part of a $340million development, was rejected by council after it was deemed overdevelopment , with the Mayor of Waverley Paula Masselos saying they have taken steps to ensure that ‘Waverley’s important heritage is protected’.

The council said the community was concerned about the proposed increases to the height and footprint of the site. The proposal asked the council to amend its local environmental plan to create incentive alternative building heights of between 15 and 21 meters and a floor space ratio of 1.2:1.

According to the board, the Waverley Local Environmental Plan 2012 is the primary framework that regulates development in the region, including standards for building height, design and floor area ratio.

The NSW Planning Department will now take a look at the planning proposalthe council asking for floor space to be limited to a 1:1 ratio and for the height of buildings not to exceed 12 metres, if the plans are supported.

Waverley Hospital part of overdevelopment ‘systematically destroying’ built environment: Masselos

Waverley Hospital

Paula Massellos. Picture: Facebook.

Cr Masselos said development in the area was ‘systematically destroying the very values ​​of our built environment and enacting overdevelopment’ which violated the council’s planning processes.

“Although many development approvals and planning proposal decisions are no longer in the hands of council, we are committed to combating overdevelopment.”

The Council has repeatedly called on the state government to declare the War Memorial Hospital a heritage conservation area, which they said would “protect the site from inappropriate development”.

A site-specific development control plan has been drafted for the hospital, which would protect the entire urban block that encompasses Birrell Street.


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