Downey Drilling Donates $ 50,000 to Lexington Veterans Pavilion Project | Latest titles


On the community side, Downey offered a unique perspective when he said the Lexington Veterans Lodge “will help complete the entire campus,” Kirkpatrick Memorial Park, The Renovated Lake, Dawson County Historical Museum and

Lexington Family Aquatic Center.

Downey also said the pavilion would be linked to the Heartland Military Museum, located along the Lexington I-80 exit.

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As a youngster, Downey said he was touched by WWII veterans in their Veterans Day program at his school. He said that while the Veterans didn’t tell many stories of their service, the Veterans’ family members knew that their service during the war was really important.

He said these programs helped instill a strong sense of patriotism in them at a young age, even though they had never served in the military.

Downey said that as technology evolves and how wars will be fought in the future, it is important to remember the experience of veterans of past wars. “As a society and as a country we have to remember how we got here today, we have to remember what the veterans did for everyone.”

Jim Bliven, a Vietnam veteran and member of the Lexington Veterans Lodge committee, thanked Downey for the “wonderful gift” and said he understood the importance of the effort to bring a facility like the lodge to the community.


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