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Eugowra Public School must have done things a little differently at the end of the year – like many other local schools.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the presentation night has been replaced with a morning assembly.

The students were recognized for their efforts and achievements throughout this amazing year for everyone.

Congratulations and goodbye to the Grade 6 class of 2021: Axxell Mulligan, Levi Goodwin, Peyton McKenna, Jayden and Hayley Newell

Congratulations to the future school leaders for 2022!

School captain for 2022 Edna – May Skinner – Barnes.

House Captains: Green house – Abbie Delfsma, Red house – Bayden Jackson, Blue house – Lachie Smyth. Heads of school: Cody Noad and Keira Barnes.

Congratulations to all the students and major award recipients:

  • Cabonne Council Academic Prize – Peyton McKenna
  • Rob Rawsthorne – Levi Goodwin Memorial Citizenship Award
  • Member of Parliament’s Phil Donato Young Citizenship Award – Amity McMahon
  • Patricia Capes Award for Sporting Excellence – Levi Goodwin and Bayden Jackson
  • Junio ​​Geoff and Vicki Knight Sports Excellence Award – Aiden McMahon
  • CWA Scholarship – Hayley Newell
  • Eugowra Evening View Club Literacy Prize – Abbie Delfsma
  • Geoff and Vicki Knight Junior Literacy Excellence Award – Aiden McMahon
  • Eugowra Men and Women Numeracy Service Award – Keira Barnes
  • Geoff and Vicki Knight Junior Achievement in Numeracy Award – Jacob Turner
  • Miss Aulds Allrounder Award – Lachie Smyth
  • Eugowra Performing Arts Award for Creative and Practical Arts – Luke Turner
  • Geoff and Vicki Knight Junior Excellence in Creative and Practical Arts – Levi Stewart
  • Geoff and Vicki Knight Award for Improving Literacy – Jacob Turner, Axxell Mulligan and Bayden Jackson
  • W&M Hayes Award for Academic Incentive – Hunter Newell and Brodie
  • Hyde Family Literacy Award – Skylah Herbert
  • Ms. Vicki Knight Yamboola Art Award – Edna-may Skinner-Barnes
  • Dominic Drady Fair Go Award – Bayden Jackson
  • Staff and students traveled to Orange on their last day of school, where they watched a movie accompanied by popcorn, followed by a visit to the Adventure Playground.

Staff will return on January 28 and students on February 1.


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