Former Citizen of the Year’s call for an overhaul to restore Largs War Memorial



A FORMER North Ayrshire Citizen of the Year called on council to give the Largs War Memorial the ‘proper upgrade it deserves’.

Former Largs Boys Brigade captain Jim Lamont has raised concerns about the state of the historic monument before Remembrance, leading local officials to say it will be renovated.

However, the figures at the top of the monument now appear to be particularly damaged by the weather, and fears have been expressed that the deterioration, if continued, could threaten the monument.

Jim, who led the boys’ brigade at Largs with his wife Bridie for 30 years, said soldiers.

“The numbers at the top look very eroded and dirty.

“Stonemasons can certainly clean them up and improve the overall look of the memorial – and that’s what’s urgently needed.

“The board said they would look into the matter and give assurances that the work will be completed – but it’s a time factor, and they need to come back and finish the job as soon as possible.”

The war memorial reached its centenary this year after its creation by public subscription in 1921.

It stands on the esplanade near Sandringham and the groundbreaking ceremony in November brought together over 200 military and former service members to a crowd of 5,000.

The statue is dominated by three figures, a Scottish soldier, a sailor and a fighter representing the Dominions of the Empire.

Jim, of Glenacre Drive, added: “A fund is available for the improvement of war memorials.

“The recent remembrance service at the memorial was packed – always a good turnout.

“We want to make sure it’s been 100 years since it received the upgrades needed to make sure it will be there for the next 100.”



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