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A boy with a cheerful smile, a good sense of humor and a love for learning, who was always kicking a soccer ball is how loved ones remember Jye Sheehan. Jye’s life was celebrated on Friday following her tragic death at Hillcrest Elementary School on December 16. “Jye, you are so wonderful to think about, but so difficult to live without,” said one parent. He was remembered as the comedian of the class who never ran out of topic to discuss with his classmates or teachers and worked hard from his first day of school in an effort to make his big brother Saxon proud. Jye’s father Glen was unable to attend the funeral as he recovers at Royal Hobart Hospital after waking up from a coma following an accident. His family said he knew about the funeral. One parent said if Glen was there he would tell stories about the adventures they shared and their love for playing chess and the UN. ‘The first time I saw Jye I saw a miniature Glen,’ they said READ MORE: Beau said he will always remember his ‘playing winger’. “You have always been there for me and I have always been there for you,” he said. Jye’s funeral follows yesterday’s memorial for another victim of the Jumping Castle tragedy, Zane Mellor.


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