Huber Heights will dedicate a memorial to veterans on Saturday



HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – After years of hard work, the city of Huber Heights is preparing to dedicate the community’s first veterans memorial on Saturday.

Every two months, the Huber Heights Military and Veterans Commission meets at the town hall. The commission was created by the city in February 2019.

“A group of friendly veterans in town to work out anything that would benefit our veterans,” Commissioner Ray Girard said.

The commission’s largest business is a veterans memorial which now stands in Thomas A. Cloud Park. The idea for the project started several years ago and was eventually made possible by the Veterans Commission with help from the city.

“The city felt that this was something that had to happen and had to happen quickly, so the city provided the funds for it,” said commission chairman Albert Griggs.

Each stone in the Veterans Memorial represents a branch of the military, honoring those who have served and still serve. To the left of the memorial, a catwalk depicting all the wars in which the United States participated.

“I’m just very proud, very proud that we have this,” said Griggs.

“You will see a great result and the efforts of many, many people,” said Girard. “This is a multi-million dollar project and we are ready for commissioning on November 6th.”

The Town of Huber Heights will hold the commemoration of the veterans memorial Saturdays at 11:00 am at Thomas A. Cloud Park.

“We want to make it a world class memorial, although maybe we won’t have done everything on the 6th, it’s a living project, and it will continue to grow even after I am gone,” said Griggs.

They are also planning to hold a Veterans Day service, with the intention of making it an annual event.



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