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IRON MOUNTAIN — Dickinson County plans to pave an unimproved section of Kramer Drive at the top of the Pine Mountain Ski Jump, with the City of Iron Mountain responsible for future maintenance.

The gravel portion is 930 feet and the cost is estimated at $82,000. The county intends to use funds from the US bailout.

Iron Mountain City Council accepted the offer on Monday, though Mayor Dale Alessandrini said the city should expect an additional $100,000 from the county’s ARP share, similar to what each was promised. of the county’s seven townships.

With many city streets in disrepair and not enough money to fix them, it’s been hard to justify a Kramer Drive project, City Manager Jordan Stanchina said. The county’s offer is a chance to have it paved without using city funds, he said.

Councilman Ken Clawson said the paving was welcome because Kramer Drive leads to the Upper Peninsula Veterans War Memorial atop Pine Mountain.

“For the veteran community, this is a high priority,” he said, noting that the memorial has been recognized across the United States “It is appreciated and well visited.”

The city will require the road to be built to its standards for new construction.

Alessandrini said he doesn’t want to sacrifice other paving needs, but will have to trust the county not to withhold ARP funds he feels the city deserves.

In March, the county council agreed to redistribute $700,000 of its $4.9 million in ARP funds, promising each of the seven townships $100,000 for county-approved infrastructure work. Similar funding for the county’s three towns is under consideration, although it has not yet been approved.

ARP is a federal pandemic assistance program authorized in March 2021.

In another action on Monday, the city council:

— Parkview Drive residents Sally Jacobs and Deborah Gursky pointed to the poor condition of Parkview Drive near City Park. It hasn’t been paved in 60 years, only patched, Jacobs said. The street is on a waiting list with others, Stanchina told residents.

— Issued a reminder that garbage collection will revert to laneway pick-up from Monday, May 9. In addition, public works teams are collecting yard waste this week.

– Noted hydrant flushing will begin Monday, May 9 and end Thursday, May 12, beginning at the well site at the north end of town and continuing south.

— Indicated the deposit of household waste in front of the Public Works Department building from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday May 13 and from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday May 14.

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