Let’s have a real talk


In this letter expressing my concerns, I will not call anyone un-American, unethical, childish, or flattering, or attack their political beliefs. Nor will I accuse anyone of failing to uphold the values ​​that support the advancement of a diverse, inclusive and equitable society. Nor will I claim that someone’s anachronistic, misguided, chauvinistic propaganda is sickening and appalling.

I won’t tell anyone that they should be ashamed of themselves and owe all Delawares an apology. I will not accuse any organization, political party or person of implicitly asserting white supremacy. I will not ask for someone else’s property to be removed because it would be in our own interest. And finally, I will not seek the revocation of anyone’s charter or the immediate return of public funds.

Let’s have a real discussion. I would like to add my support to those who agree with my opinion. I stand in solidarity with others with whom I agree. I fully believe in freedom of speech and the expression of personal beliefs. But I also believe that thoughts, words, and anything I disagree with should not be seen, spoken, or announced. I was sitting at a red light in town and noticed a political sticker on a vehicle that I don’t agree with. I found it offensive. How dare they? This person was obviously not supportive of my ideals. I believe that was referring to potential violence. It was disturbing. On my ride, I also saw some flags that I didn’t like. What is this world coming to? One of the offensive flags I witnessed said cheeky things about Biden. Do you know there is a Confederate flag flying on a memorial for Confederate soldiers from Delaware who fought in the Civil War? And it’s in a historical museum, of all places. He’s been there since 2007. I remember the ceremony of the governor raising the historic flag at the Delawares War Memorial.

It was only after reading the recent articles and letters telling me to be outraged by this abomination that I realized that I too was offended and perhaps a victim. After all, I present myself as an independent free thinker. Have we lost sight of what I personally believe? How could they personally attack me like this? Did I mention I stand in solidarity for the right thing? All of these brazen attacks on what I personally believe have made me wonder if everyone was wrong. Why is free speech not working?

I was hoping to have enough time for a thorough analysis of my disapproval of the purple and orange colors. My dislike was triggered by a recent post from July 27. The title was “Special Maple Provides Vibrant Early Color”. Not only do I think the maple is far from special, but the purple and orange colors are too bright. The leaves suggest an excess of vitality. Thank you for thinking of my grandchildren. How dare you?

Larry Lane


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