MAYOR’S REPORT: Summer in Greencastle



Well … after the storms on Saturday night I’m enjoying a side porch sitting this Sunday afternoon. The temperature is 78 degrees. Hope you are enjoying the summer! Tina and I take our walks and admire the flowers so much around the houses in Greencastle. Do you recognize the photo of the beautiful echinacea? Hope the name is correct. I just call them all poses. They are right along Crowell Lane off of South Washington Street. Crowell Lane is named after the turn-of-the-century Crowell Manufacturing Company, which made agricultural machinery, in the industrial center of Greencastle. At the time, it was the outskirts of Greencastle. I just greeted people who were taking an afternoon walk. Rescue Hose Company has had a busy EMS call day with seven responses so far since this morning.

Did you go downtown on July 9th or 10th for the 54th Greencastle Sidewalk Days? There were a lot of people and the weather was wonderful. Hope the traders and sellers have done well. Special thanks to the sponsors for their financial support and to the Greencastle Police Department and Fire Department for moving traffic safely around the city. A lot of planning and logistics go into this event. You show your appreciation by buying small; shop often at Greencastle. Thank you. GA Chamber of Commerce, for all your efforts and a special thank you to Valerie Meyers with her farewell project as executive director of the chamber.

The North Carlisle Street reconstruction project is scheduled to begin this week. This is a cooperative effort of the Borough of Greencastle, Columbia Gas and the Greencastle area, Franklin County Water Authority. The project should be completed at the end of October. The PennDOT contractor will continue work on Highway 16 and all of Baltimore Street this week with milling operations for repaving.

The Mayor of Greencastle, Ben Thomas Jr.

This Saturday, July 24, American Legion Extension 373 in Greencastle and Vietnam War Veterans National Memorial Partners Extension 373 are hosting the 50th Memorial Banquet and Pinning Ceremony. The community will honor veterans for their service and sacrifice at the Legion picnic grounds. The following names appear on the GA Veterans Memorial who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War:








I also think of the men and women who have served and who may face PTSD, Agent Orange, and the loss of close friends who have died during or after their service. Last Saturday I said goodbye to my friend and neighbor Keith White (KW). KW was a Vietnam veteran and served first in the US Army and then in the Air Force. Thank you, KW, for your service to God, to the country and to the community.

So do you remember where you were and what you were doing on September 11, 2001? It’s hard to believe that the 20th anniversary of “9/11” is fast approaching. As mayor, I ask the community to commemorate this dark anniversary. I reflect on community activities for the weekend of September 11 and 12, 2021. We must not forget the tragic attack on this great nation and what is dear to us. One thing I ask is that our ministers organize special services on Sunday September 12th. Think of something you and your family can do to help others such as a special weekend of caring and community service to commemorate Patriots’ Day. Stay tuned.

Open again: Participants find fun, food and camaraderie at the Greencastle Senior Activity Center

In the community: The Borough of Greencastle is considering opting for a single garbage collection company

It’s amazing how many services are rendered and how many questions are asked if you work in a city government like Greencastle or Antrim Township. Greencastle has three employees (two full-time and one part-time) in the borough office as well as a non-uniform police employee performing multiple services. I have been in this field for over 40 years now and am amazed at the amount of work done and the number of services rendered by a small staff. Daily tasks, zoning, planning, budgets, paying bills, receiving payments, payroll, operating major water and sewer systems, code enforcement, complaints and tracking, to name a few. Thank you Emilee, Donna and Caleb for your efficiency. Here’s a question to ponder… how many water and sewer customers are there in the Greencastle service area? I will answer this question in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, turn on Nat King Cole and unwind those lazy, foggy, crazy summer days! We are blessed!



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