Members of the pro-life community gather for Right to Life’s ’40 Days for Life’ event


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – Members of the pro-life community gathered at Memorial High School for the Right to Life ’40 Days to Live’ event.

The inaugural event of the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil took place on Tuesday evening.

Community members gathered before walking quietly to Planned Parenthood on Weinbach Avenue.

Attendees carried signs that read “Pray to end abortion” and “We’ll help you, along with resources for pregnant women.

Once they reached Planned Parenthood, the group sang hymns and held a prayer. Life advocates say this movement is to help women by providing parenting counseling or foster care services.

“It’s not about one issue, but about supporting each other and praying peacefully,” said pro-life lawyer Laura Mckenzie. “This is not a movement of shouting, anger or name-calling. This is sincerely about praying for those who feel they have no other choice. We are here to give them those options.

Life Advocates encourage anyone to come ask questions and get involved.

They say they will walk for the next 40 days for Planned Parenthood.

If you plan to attend the event, organizers say the only rule is to stay peaceful.


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