Messenger: Beer Hall Project Aims to Counter January 6 Misinformation and Protect American Democracy | Tony Messenger


“There’s a familiar rhythm to what’s happened there, and then,” Norton says of the video, titled “Parallels,” “and what’s going on here and now. First they try the brute force… then they co-opt the process… Right now the Republican Party is restricting voting rights across the country and installing supporters at all levels of the electoral process so they can do in 2024 what they want. did not in 2020 – steal the elections.

Wellman and Shick, a former campaign staffer for ex-US Senator Claire McCaskill and former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, both Democrats, predict the Beer Hall Project will raise a truthful discussion about what’s going on. happened on January 6. They chose as their target key for their organization US Senator Josh Hawley, the Republican from Missouri whose objection to the election results helped fuel the insurgency. A shadow of the infamous photo of Hawley raising his fist to encourage the insurgents is the organization’s logo.

Tony Messenger

“We have a lot of problems that we face in this country, and my patriotism teaches me that we can all solve them. But what stands in our way is the cancer of nihilism, cynicism and misinformation, ”says Shick.

It’s a lofty goal – to tackle the disinformation circulated by many Trumpian propagandists – but one that’s necessary if America’s democracy is to be saved, Wellman says. “If you can’t see the incredibly critical moment we are facing, it’s only because you’re not paying attention. Cyrus and I aren’t famous or important, but we wanted to do something more than complain to our friends. We must all do our part. Democracy can die here. It has already happened elsewhere.


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