Mississippi Moment: Confederate Memorial Day


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Last Monday was Confederate Memorial Day in Mississippi, which is a holiday. It also goes by the dual name of “State Employee Appreciation Day”.

Texas, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee also observe Confederate Memorial Day. The date is different in each state, ranging from January to June.

Confederate Memorial Day was once observed in Georgia, Louisiana, and Virginia, but those states have abandoned it.

Our Mississippi landscape is dotted with Confederate cemeteries. There is a series of them in eastern Mississippi, where the wounded from the Battle of Shiloh were transported by train to any town that would receive them. Those who survived returned home and those who did not survive were buried there.

These cemeteries extend from Corinth to Enterprise. Union soldiers were also mixed up, but for the most part the Union dead were interred in national cemeteries in the years following the war.

Besides the revolutionary war, which created the nation, the civil war defined us. It bound us together as an inseparable union.

The war that divided us is also the war that united us in purpose and resolution for all Americans, of all colors, creeds, religions and nationalities.


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