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Student government meets every Wednesday at the Memorial Union.

On Wednesday, the Iowa State Student Government began the first session of its 119th term. The senators elected in the elections of March 1 and 2 took part in the meeting.

Each bill discussed at the meeting was a nomination for positions in the Senate or Executive Cabinet, as is customary for the first meeting of the term.

The Senate confirmed Edward Mahoney, a computer science senior, as Senate Speaker by a vote of 16 to 10. Mahoney will return to Iowa State next college year to pursue a master’s degree.

The Senate President is responsible for setting the weekly meeting agenda, chairing the Rules Committee, serving 10 office hours in the student government office space, and other duties. This position is compensated with a half in-state scholarship and a Memorial Union parking pass.

Andrew Brueck, an off-campus senator and political science junior, was confirmed as vice president of the Senate. Brueck has been involved in student government since the spring of 2020.

Brueck said he intends to pursue electoral reform and tackle various other issues in his time as an off-campus United senator.

“What I’ve found while running for this organization is that our process is very confusing and offers a very high bar of entry for students looking to get involved,” Brueck said. “I want everyone on campus who is interested in student government to have a realistic and viable chance to sit in this room.”

The Vice President is paid by a Memorial Union parking pass, is responsible for managing the mentorship program among Senators, implements orders passed by the Senate, and generally oversees the proper functioning of the Senate.

The Senate nominated and confirmed Yonting Goh, a finance senior, to the tuition and fees committee. Goh is an international student and former member of the finance committee. He represents the Senate of Graduate and Professional Students and will be pursuing his Masters in Finance next year.

Some cabinet positions were confirmed at the meeting, and others will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

The Executive Cabinet is a close group of advisors to the President and develops and executes policy initiatives to advance student interests. Cabinet members are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Victoria Fillipi, a political science junior, was named director of government affairs by President Jacob Ludwig, senior economics and vice president Jaden Ahlrichs, junior global resource systems. Fillipi, a former United Residents Off-Campus President and United Residents Off-Campus Senator, is also a military intelligence analyst in the Iowa Air National Guard and has served in the Iowa House of Representatives for the past four sessions. .

The Director of Government Affairs acts as the liaison and chief lobbyist between state, federal, and foreign governments and agencies and the student government.

“As Director of Government Affairs, I will continue to advocate for additional funding for mental health and affordable resources, as well as sexual assault awareness and prevention, Fillipi said.

Kit Clayburn, a sophomore in animal ecology and biology and former United Residents Off-Campus Senator, Director of Finance Outreach and Disparity Reduction and member of the Finance Committee, was confirmed by the Senate as Director of Finance .

The CFO is compensated with a three-quarters in-state scholarship and a parking pass. The Chief Financial Officer and the committee he chairs are responsible for managing and allocating approximately $2.5 million from tuition fees to student organizations, campus resources, and nonprofit community organizations through annual and special allowances.

The $44 tuition fee is paid by students each semester and is set by the Tuition and Tuition Committee.

Director of Academic Affairs Ann Lent, a sophomore in political science, was confirmed by the Senate. Lent, a former Pan-Hellenic senator and vice chairman of the public relations committee, was nominated by Ludwig and Ahlrichs.

The Director of Academic Affairs is responsible for managing academic affairs matters as they arise from students, faculty, or staff, and ensuring that they are handled through the appropriate channels. For example, violations of prep week and test center policies would be handled in this position.

Meredith Mays, a second-year communications student and former vice-chair of the student initiatives committee, was confirmed chair of the committee.

Mays has been involved with the committee since October 2021.

“I’m so connected to this committee and what we do,” Mays said. “Safety on campus and off campus is huge for students, especially those who rely on CyRide.”

Student Initiatives will hold a safety walk Thursday at 8 p.m. The event is designed to walk around campus and share safety concerns and feedback with members of the Iowa State University Police Department and Facilities Planning and Management of Iowa State. Free Jimmy Johns will be provided. Students are to meet by the Four Seasons Fountain outside the Memorial Union.

The Senate confirmed the Clerk of the Senate and had to table several bills next week due to time constraints.

Senate meetings are held on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. in the Campanile Hall of the Commemorative Union.


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