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Community spirit is essential to making things happen in Warren County. This is exactly why we are thrilled and delighted to see Ash Khare along with Penny and Gary Lester named the two recipients of the 2021 Warren County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Community Service Award 2021.

Khare’s service over the years has been tremendous in helping with many major projects. There was a $ 1.5 million match from Gov. Tom Ridge’s administration toward the original renovation of War Memorial Field, a $ 1 million grant and $ 10 million in low-rate loans from interest in the Brokenstraw Township wastewater treatment plant, and more recently $ 500,000 for the purchase of the PNC Bank building.

“For over 40 years, without fail, Ash Khare has been Warren’s go-to person for projects requiring significant government funding or support,” Hank LeMeur said in his letter of support.

As a couple, the Lesters are known for their involvement in many community events, projects and activities. “Gary and Penny Lester are the epitome of what a Warren County citizen should be”, according to the letter of appointment from Rev. Jeff Ewing. “They work tirelessly for the betterment of our community.

“Penny and Gary enveloped me, my family and the entire Warren community in their loving, caring arms.” Ewing said. “Together, they’ve put their whole hearts into every task and organization they serve… and, more importantly, light up an entire room with their infectious humor. “

Some of the events and organizations that the Lesters have participated in include Women’s Outdoor Workshops, Second Harvest Food Bank Distributions, Free Small Libraries, Turkey Trot, Front Porch Days, and First Lutheran Church, for to name a few.

Congratulations to these three exceptional citizens.

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