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CLARKSVILLE – Time is running out for the four boarded up and boarded up houses in the 1400 block of Akers Avenue in Clarksville.

This is because people could call this region home again. The Clarksville Plan Commission meets at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, and the request to rezone the area to allow for senior housing and memory-care facilities is on the agenda.

Tim Fries of the Churchill McGhee Project Management Group said the development, currently known as the Akers Avenue Project, could be a retirement home, assisted living or multi-family living.

He works with the property group Clarks Landing Enterprises, which also appears to have ties to the redevelopment of the former Colgate-Palmolive factory in downtown Clarksville.

“(The area) was just an opportunity that the owner believed the community would support and support,” said Fries. “And it was something that the property saw as necessary and necessary in the area.”

He says the property is taking the project step by step and has no completion date.

“The ownership felt with the support of the community and Clarksville [tax-increment financing] supporting this could be good development for all, ”he said.

About a year ago, Clarksville City Council narrowly rejected a Building and Impact Communities application with partner BWI Development LLC. for a zoning change in the same area.

The business pair proposed a 44 unit supportive housing community known as Serenity Acres. Supporters of the project, with similar facilities in Indianapolis and Anderson, said it would help homeless people in southern Indiana. Those who oppose the project said there are already too many similar services in the area.

It’s different this time around for the members of the Claysburg Neighborhood Association. Located in the city of Jeffersonville, the area is a stone’s throw from the Akers Avenue site and Clarksville’s Clark Memorial Hospital. President Carol Moon said the new development was blessed by the group.

“We are happy that this is a development that will not only be an economic development for the community, it will be beautiful,” she said. “It will improve the community.”

Council members opposed the Serenity Acres project, saying the area is already home to this type of facility and needed something different.

Moon said the development group met with the neighborhood association to answer questions.

“We were able to meet and ask questions and all of our questions were answered and all of our concerns were answered,” Moon said. “So we look forward to the meeting, just to speak on behalf of the Claysburg Neighborhood Association.”

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