Repair work on the Ledbury war memorial is set to begin in August


Repair work on the Ledbury war memorial should finally start in August, according to the council.

Trial pit tests have confirmed that there are no blockages under the structure and the consultants are in the process of preparing a planning application.

A previous restoration of the High Street monument took place in 2020 following a £30,000 donation from former Lancaster bomber Stuart Heaton.

But in February 2021, cracks appeared on the memorial and green mold was visible.

Wooden planters have since been placed around the base of the Grade II listed monument, but residents have been unhappy with how long it has taken to remedy the issues, with some even staging a protest outside The Stone Workshop, the contractors who have completed the work in 2020.

War Memorial in Ledbury High Street” alt=”Ledbury Reporter: The Grade II War Memorial in Ledbury High Street” class=”editor-image”/>The Grade II War Memorial in Ledbury High Street

Ledbury City Council responded by saying further repairs would be undertaken ‘as soon as possible’ and promised to provide regular updates on the process.

At a council meeting this week, members received an update on the repairs.

No evidence of subsidence at war memorial

A report presented to councilors says test pits were dug in May to allow CCTV cable to be fed under the memorial. This allowed a structural engineer to look for evidence of subsidence among other concerns.

No issues were found, although the engineer confirmed that the paving around the base of the monument was inadequate.

The council said it hoped to put the engineer’s proposals out to tender at the same time as the planning process kicks off, so that work can start as quickly as possible.

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War memorial contractors offer compensation for repairs

“The interest of members of the public in this emotional issue has been helpful and significant,” the council said in a statement earlier this year.

“The board appreciates that members of the public did their best to use their professional life experience to provide feedback throughout the process.

“The council is committed to completing the restoration of the war memorial as soon as possible and we would like to thank members of the public for their time and attention thus far.”


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