Russo-Ukrainian War: Bay Area shows support for Ukrainians with vigils, fundraisers and concerts

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The Bay Area is showing its support for Ukraine in a big way this weekend, from vigils to benefit concerts with many locals getting creative in finding ways to help.

There was a “peace concert” in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley on Saturday where musicians from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music raised money to help the people of Ukraine.

Donations raised will go to Direct Relief, an organization providing medical supplies in Ukraine.

Violinist Rose Crelli organized the concert, after seeing heartbreaking images of destruction on television.

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“Every donation matters, every note you hear today will mean so much,” Crelli said.

Victor Bondereva, from Ukraine, and his family are moved, so many foreigners are mobilizing to help.

“It’s absolutely heartwarming to see the whole world supporting Ukraine, every little bit counts,” said Elenora Bondereva.

Organizers say Saturday’s concert raised $6,000 in donations.

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Kseniya Naturina Fenner was selling Vareniki, traditional Ukrainian dumplings in Golden Gate Park, the proceeds of which will aid humanitarian relief efforts. Kseniya is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine.

“It’s less about dumplings and more about spreading the word about a very big problem that Ukraine has a lot to offer,” Fenner said.

In the East Bay, several dozen people gathered for a vigil at the Lafayette Hillside War Memorial to pray and support Ukriane.

“The grief we feel about wars around the world, we bring to this hill as a testament to the cost of war,” said Lafayette resident Lynn MacMichael.

The Bay Area is reaching out to help a country in need. Back at the concert, the Ukrainian national anthem was played in the finale.

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