Ryan Murphy says he’d be ‘happy to pay’ for a memorial to Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims

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Producer Ryan Murphy has addressed some of the concerns raised around his hit show, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

The show hit netflix last month and quickly racked up over a billion streams. This puts it in Netflix’s top three ratings hits of all time.

However, although the show’s creators said the production would tell Dahmer’s story from the perspective of his victims, some relatives and friends of those killed by Dahmer said they found the production. exploitative and traumatic to look at.

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Murphy took part in a Q&A event about the show yesterday at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles. Before the discussion, the audience watched episode six of the show. It focused on Dahmer’s relationship and the murder of a deaf black man: Tony Hughes.

Try to talk to families before doing the show

Murphy defended the research that went into making the show. He also says he received no help from the victim’s families and friends, despite efforts on his part.

“It’s something we’ve studied for a very long time,” Murphy said, as reported by the Hollywood journalist. “And we, over the three, three and a half years that we were really writing it, working on it, we reached out to 20, about 20 of the victims’ families and friends trying to get feedback, trying to talk to people and not only one person answered us in this process.

“So we relied a lot on our incredible group of researchers who… I don’t even know how they found a lot of things. But it was like a day and night effort to try to find out the truth about these people.

Evan Peters as Jeffret Dahmer
Evan Peters as Jeffret Dahmer (Photo: Netflix)

Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer is known to have murdered 17 men. Many were young gay men of color. The show recounts how one of Dahmer’s neighbors, played by Niecy Nash, repeatedly alerted the police to his concerns about Dahmer and the young men he had in his apartment. However, the authorities repeatedly rejected her.

Paris Barclay, who directed episode six, said the show wanted to celebrate the lives of the victims and show that they were more than statistics.

“It wasn’t just numbers, it wasn’t just pictures on billboards and telephone poles. They were real people with loving families, breathing, living, hoping. That’s what we wanted it to be. »

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A memorial to those murdered by Dahmer

The show looks at Nash’s character, Glenda Cleveland, wondering why no memorial to the victims was ever erected. City officials demolished the building where Dahmer murdered most of his victims. The site has become a park. However, there is no plaque or any other marker of those murdered there.

Murphy said: “Anything we could do to make that happen, you know, I’d even be happy to pay for it myself.

“I think there should be something. And we’re trying to reach people to talk about it. I think there’s some resistance because they think the park would attract people who want to pay homage to the macabre …but I think something has to be done.


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