Saint Marys War Memorial is part of the National Tour of Honor


ELK COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Residents of Saint Marys may notice an influx of bikers to the area in the coming weeks, as bikers from across the country travel to Elk County to visit the memorial War Eternal Flame located in the Diamond in downtown Saint Marys.

Runners come to town as part of the National Tour of Honor, which benefits veteran charities across the country. More information on how to donate is available here.

The Eternal Flame was selected as one of 500 war memorials in the country to be part of the nationwide tour and is one of seven across Pennsylvania. It is also the only one in our central region to be selected for the Tour d’Honneur. The others in Pennsylvania are located in Aleppo, Burnham, Coatesville, Linesville, Mildred and Pleasant Mount. A map of memorials across the country is available here.

Originally built in 1990, Saint Marys City Manager Joe Fleming said being chosen to be featured nationally is an honor for local Saint Marys vets.

“We were one of 500 war memorials selected as part of the Honor Tour, which is represented as an area of ​​interest for runners and the organization to visit to see what the town of Saint Marys has to offer, ”Fleming said.

The Tour of Honor continues until October 31.

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