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On this Memorial Day, I will think of the Ukrainians and Russians who die in the war between their countries, the hunger caused by food prices due to the war and the many companies that make record profits due to the war .

It is understood that Memorial Day is intended to commemorate American military personnel who have died while serving in our military. But I think it’s time to expand it to commemorate all those who suffer or die in wars

There are no winners in war. The allies thought they had won the first world war, so they imposed extreme sanctions on the “losers” and it shamed the Germans so much that they supported a racist sociopath who brought more wars, more suffering and more dead.

Experts expect the war to continue almost indefinitely as long as the United States and NATO send billions of dollars in arms and aid to help Ukraine keep Russia in a deadly stalemate and costly.

Vladimir Putin cannot lose but has repeatedly signaled his willingness to negotiate. Volodymyr Zelinsky has changed his goals when it comes to negotiations, and as long as the United States and NATO continue to send ever more deadly and expensive weapons and money to Ukraine, he insists that he will win the war and gain territory from Russia.

Countries that depend on wheat from Ukraine and Russia are already starving.

Refugees overwhelm the hospitality of host countries.

US arms and oil companies reap record profits while consumers suffer from inflation.

Mr Putin has placed Russia’s nuclear weapons on high alert and could eventually use them if the West continues to prolong the war with arms and cash shipments.

Some have wondered why the largest country in the world with nearly half of the world’s nuclear weapons would fear hostility or invasion from NATO or the West.

The French invaded Russia in 1812 under the command of Napoleon through Ukraine and Belarus and killed 50,000 Russians (at the time the population was 40 million). The Germans invaded Russia in 1941 via Ukraine and killed 27 million Russians (196 million inhabitants). They are the two main members of the EU and NATO (alongside the United States).

Why would Sweden’s neutrality be a concern for Russia? In the 18th century, Sweden invaded Russia, killing several thousand Russians. Like all invasions, Russia persisted and ultimately won despite the high cost.

There is no excuse for war, not this time or in the past. As a disabled Vietnam War veteran, I can attest to that. As a peace veteran, I can see there will be no peace until we stop stoking the fire and insist that Mr. Putin and Mr. Zelinsky negotiate in good faith. It means compromise. The disputed territories must be autonomous and democratic. This is something that both parties already agree to in the Minsk protocol.

Ukraine should be neutral and unaligned like Sweden has been since losing the war to Russia. NATO should have been dismantled when the USSR was. It was understanding at the time.

Peace is possible, stop encouraging war and start insisting on peace.

Rowland Lane Anderson

St. Barbara
Editor’s note: The writer noted that he was a life member of Veterans for Peace, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Veterans with Disabilities, Vietnam Veterans of America, and VVAW.


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