Tampa Morning Briefing: October 27, 2021


Hello, Tampa Bay. Here’s what you need to know today.

Your weather planner

Wednesday morning will be pleasant in the 50s and 60s.

The sun will be present for most of the day and the clouds will intensify in the late afternoon. The high temperatures will hit the mid-80s again, but it will be good. Our attention will be on a strong cold front for Thursday.

Expect a series or two of strong to possibly severe thunderstorms in the area, the main threat being high winds. Behind the front, gusts of westerly, northwesterly wind will bring in cooler air but present dangerous sailing conditions from Thursday evening to Friday.

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Tops : Mid 80s
Low : Mid 60s
Rain cover: 0%

Around Tampa Bay

1. The Latest Hillsborough County GOP Group to Call for an Audit of the 2020 Presidential Race
Despite comments from Gov. Ron DeSantis and Secretary of State Laurel Lee that an audit of the 2020 Florida presidential election is not necessary, the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee last week became the last GOP based group to pass a resolution doing what to ask.

2. Demolition of former St. Pete Police Headquarters in progress
Full demolition is expected to take three to four months. The precious land in the Edge neighborhood will be cleared for a new mixed-use project called Orange Station.

3. St. Pete Police and Residents Meet to Discuss Gun Violence
Police and residents of St. Petersburg are joining forces to stop the rise in deadly gun violence.

4. Florida Infrastructure Notes Should Be Released
As Florida’s population continues to grow, it’s important to keep our roads, bridges, and schools up to date. The American Society of Civil Engineers will release its infrastructure newsletter on Wednesday for the state to see how it is doing.

5. PODCAST – Halloween: The Legend of Florida Bigfoot
Rick Elmhorst and Roy DeJesus chat with two men from Polk County who have spent years chasing the Bigfoot legend.

Around the Nation

1. Senators Warren, King and Wyden present a minimum corporate tax proposal

2. Crew-3 astronauts arrive on Space Coast ahead of SpaceX launch

3. FDA Panel Approves Pfizer Vaccine For Children 5-11 Years Old

4. President Biden opposes Virginia McAuliffe’s government candidate: “Show yourself for democracy”

Quote of the day

John DeRosa lives alone in his intimate mobile home in the village of Lake Deeson in Lakeland. Originally from Brooklyn and a Vietnam veteran, he has a major health problem: his teeth. DeRosa, 76, can’t afford to take care of himself right now. Between his monthly pension and Social Security checks, he earns about $ 2,500 a month.

His situation could be improved, however, if a proposal to expand Medicare to start covering dental, vision and hearing is included in President Joe Biden’s budget reconciliation bill.

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