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CORNING – Tehama County is seeking federal funding through Representative Doug LaMalfa’s office to rehabilitate Corning Veterans Memorial Hall and encourages public support for the effort.

Congress recently instituted a “community project funding” process, which allows members to advocate for specific programs and projects in their district, according to a press release issued earlier this month by the county.

LaMalfa’s office invited Tehama County to submit a request for funding, specifically for Corning Veterans Memorial Hall. This project was introduced and championed for LaMalfa by several county supervisors.

ADA coordinator Tom Provine approached the Tehama County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday to discuss the funding request with a submission deadline of Monday, April 25. Public input and support were encouraged.

The memorial hall was built in 1931 and has reached an age where significant improvements are needed to keep it functional as an asset to the community, the statement said. Concerns over the past few years led the county to conduct an architectural and engineering assessment of the facility, which resulted in a detailed report of the costly repairs needed, with minimal funding available to address these issues.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $4,917,328 by LaMalfa’s office, pending requests for additional funding from other sources such as the US Bailout Ad Hoc Committee, Provine said.

“LaMalfa receives between $17 million and $19 million a year for community project funding and his office has advised us to try to keep our request to less than $5 million to increase our chances of securing the necessary funding,” said supervisor Bob Williams. “If we look at the architectural engineering report and look at it from a construction perspective, once we start doing the high priority projects there will be damage to other parts of those things that will probably have to be repaired along the way. The best option in my mind is that we go ahead and try to fix everything and revitalize this room.

With the full support of every supervisor, the board unanimously approved the funding request for the full amount.

Any interested groups or individuals who wish to submit a letter of support can obtain a sample letter by calling the council office at 527-4655 or by writing to tprovine@co.tehama.ca.us, the statement said.

Letters should be returned to the council office by the April 25 submission deadline.


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