The Norwich War Memorial was tagged ahead of Remembrance Sunday


Yobs who defaced a war memorial ahead of Remembrance Sunday have been criticized for their behavior.

The Boer War Memorial in the city center was tagged last week.

A white mark is visible on the memorial with an eyewitness believing the vandalism took place on Wednesday evening.

The memorial is a listed structure and it is understood that it will require a specialist stonemasonry operation to clear it.

Norwich Evening News:

Norwich City Council has urged anyone with information about the graffiti to report it to authorities via its website.

Vaughan Thomas, Councilor and former Lord Mayor of Norwich, said: “This is appalling behaviour.

“Graffiti and defacing of war memorials is disrespectful to people who have given their all for their country.

Norwich Evening News: Vaughan Thomas

“These people who did this have no real idea of ​​how the world works and how it is organized.

“They don’t have the idea of ​​being courteous and respectful to each other.”

The memorial is located on an island at the junction of Castle Meadow and Market Avenue.

It was designed in 1903 by George and Fairfax Wade and features a bronze Angel of Peace with outstretched wings.

A spokesperson for Norwich City Council said: “We urge anyone who encounters graffiti on council property, public spaces or motorways to report it to us at

“Our contractor is aware of the graffiti on the Boer War Memorial and it is expected that it will be removed before Remembrance Sunday.”

The memorial commemorates the people of Norwich who gave their lives during the Anglo-Boer War, otherwise known as the South African War, between 1899 and 1902.

Norwich Evening News:

The war began following a Boer ultimatum which stated that the British should stop building up their forces in the area.

Remembrance Sunday commemorations will begin at 10.10am in Norwich with the gathering of a parade of veterans, accompanied by representatives of military and civil organisations, led by the Norwich Citadel Group outside City Hall.

They will be joined by dignitaries and members of the public outside City Hall for a service led by the Reverend Canon Edward Carter, Vicar of St Peter Mancroft Church.


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