The removal of the Confederate war memorial is disappointing


The recent removal of the Confederate War Memorial from the King George County Courthouse is disappointing at best and disgraceful at worst.

The monument remained intact for decades, causing no damage and creating no controversy. Despite this, it came under attack two years ago when removing these priceless pieces became fashionable.

The decision to move it was divisive and disrespectful to the thousands of King George’s descendants of those soldiers the monument honors.

One of the false narratives that has persisted in recent years is that Confederate monuments were erected to intimidate minorities.

Malcontents argue that the majority were erected in the 1910s and 1960s, when the civil rights movement was gaining momentum. But it is obvious, even to an elementary school student, that the 50th and 100th anniversaries of the war occurred during these times, when one would expect an increase in monument building. This is an argument that falls flat.

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It’s true, the weak, irresponsible and lazy board of supervisors should be ashamed of having moved the monument. But the real culprits are those who bullied the supervisors into moving him in the first place.


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