The storm envelops the nation’s capital in a blanket of snow



WASHINGTON (AP) – A winter snowstorm blanketed the nation’s capital on Monday, shutting down government offices, hampering travel and immobilizing the president’s helicopter. Up to 10 inches (25 centimeters) were forecast for the District of Columbia and parts of Virginia and Maryland.

Photos of the winter wonderland showed children pulled on sleds around the Capitol, a snow-covered Korean War veterans memorial and a running reveler.

Dozens of flights have been delayed or canceled at the city’s three major airports, according to’s misery map. A quarter of flights at New York’s three major airports were also delayed or canceled.

After spending the weekend in Delaware, President Joe Biden arrived safely aboard Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, then spent nearly half an hour on the runway as the plows cleared a safe path. Biden emerged into the stairwell in a white veil. Without the possibility of taking a helicopter, he left in procession for a slow return to the White House.



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