Theodore VFW post threatened with closure is grateful for Fish Fry’s participation


MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – VFW Post 4328 was about to be closed due to low membership numbers, with some of the older veterans having died. This is no longer the case. Not only are they getting new members, but they’re also getting help from the community, who heard about their plight right here on FOX 10.

They started arriving long before noon. And the queue at VFW Post 4328 in Theodore kept growing.

They’ve had fish fries in the past, but nothing like the turnout they had on Saturday.

“I would say 99.9% said they heard it on FOX 10 News last night and this morning, so it was wonderful and the work we can do for our veterans is going to be outstanding,” said Sandra Brunton, VFW Post 4328 Auxiliary President.

The station’s master fryer is Vietnam veteran Mike House.

“Once a batch is finished, you start another one right after. Nonstop, House said.

His crew kept pounding and frying, trying to keep up with overwhelming demand as more and more people kept showing up.

“The turnout was great. They’re about to choke me here, House said.

It also helps that House knows what he’s doing.

“And you have to make it nice and crispy or people will complain. If it’s not done, I don’t serve it,” House said.

And I can tell you that he has nothing to complain about.

Once out of the fryer, it’s on the assembly line in the kitchen.

“It’s busier here. I guarantee it. We jumped and jumped,” said Janis Schmitz, senior vice president of VFW Post 4328 Auxiliary.

At $10 a plate, you can’t beat this deal. And even though the queue is long, they don’t seem to care.

“We waited about an hour and a half. But it’s going to be good,” said Claudette & Joseph Bosarge. “My uncle was killed in Korea. So we are veteran fans. Lee: Is it a good feeling to help them survive? — Oh yes.”

“As long as they keep coming, we’ll try to keep them happy,” House said as he continued to drop more fish into the fryer.

Serving over 200 plates, proceeds will be used to help other veterans.

“It makes me so grateful to see the support from the community and now it’s our turn to return this favor to everyone else in the community and to our fellow veterans,” said Robert Kutsch, Commander of the VFW Post. 4328.

Meanwhile, “The Little Post with a Big Heart” – once threatened with closure – has even signed up six new members to the fish fry.

“I am so blessed that all these people have come out. It really blessed me today,” Brunton said.

VFW Post 4328 is located at 3354 Hamilton Blvd. and members also collect vegetable seeds and hangers for Eagles Landing Veterans Home. If you want to help, you can contact them at 251-487-6953.


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