Volunteers build a ramp for a Vietnam veteran


SARASOTA, Florida (WWSB) –

Life as a Sarasota veteran just got a little easier thanks to a few volunteers.

Kapp McMullin and his daughter are hard workers. They spend part of their weekend building a ramp for free.

“We are fortunate to be in a position where we can help, so we try to help whenever we can,” he said.

That’s it for Army veteran William “Billy” Dehart.

Billy served in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969.

These days he has trouble getting in and out of the house because he has depth perception issues.

So his wife asked the veterinarians of the non-profit SRQ for help.

The SRQ vets donated this wood and the McMullins donated their time.

A few hours of hard work later and voila! Billy can now easily walk on his patio and thanks these volunteers for building this much-needed addition to his home.

McMullin said he was more than happy to be here.

He comes from a long line of veterans, so he understands why the military deserves our help.

“My grandfather was a WWII veteran, my father was a veteran and I also served,” he said. “So it’s in our blood.”

This is one of many volunteer projects he has worked on for area veterans, and he plans to continue to put more to his credit.

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