Which is better – Excelsior or Empire Gold NYS License Plate?


My wife’s vehicle registration is due next month, and I’m usually the one filling out the paperwork for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to get it registered for the next two years.

So I checked how much it costs to register his vehicle and was surprised how much cheaper it is to register than my van. Granted, my van is bigger, but the price was a bit different.

The New York State DMV continues to give you the choice of continuing to use the gold and blue plates that are over 10 years old, provided they are still legible or to go with the newer Excelsior plates which are blue, white and gold, and feature images. Niagara Falls, the Adirondack Mountains, the New York City skyline and a lighthouse.

And of course we have options as to what we want to do at the time of registration. By that, I mean, do we keep the current plates, which are the next in the new plate design (Excelsior plates), or do we get the new design with a new random combination of letters and numbers? Or do we go with the new plate keeping the old combination of letters and numbers?

The difference? For my wife’s vehicle, simply renewing registration with the old plate and letter-number combination costs $65. The new plate design with a new randomly chosen combination of letters and numbers costs $90. The new plate design with the current letter-number combination costs $110.

I asked my wife which license plate choice she preferred when renewing her vehicle registration, and she said she didn’t care anyway. I’m going on the new design with new randomly chosen letters and numbers.

By the way, did you know that New York State license plates are made by the inmates of Auburn Correctional Facility? It’s a fact, Jack… or whatever your name is.

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